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Tom's Hardware review of Vista


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500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"

Daniel Schuhmann ~ Tom's Hardware

"Many publications don't take the time or trouble to look behind the scenes when writing about new operating systems or other software. Users who specialize in software matters can easily ascertain this for themselves, simply by digging into any of a number of print magazines that have made Windows Vista their topic of late. It's more like they're trolling for readers, rather than really digging into the subject matter. Many of these stories consist of only a couple of pages of text and a handful of screenshots, while remaining light on real information, investigation and analysis."

Tom's Hardware Guide has expended some serious effort in their 40 page review of Windows Vista.

~ Check it out!

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Guest PeePs

lol...... thats pretty **** ridiculous confirming you want to delete a shortcut 7 times. It isn't even a program, just a little shortcut  :whaa: .

Can't they put a button that says "Yes to all" lol!

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