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Dell's new XPS laptops


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Dell will provide laptops with Skype pre-installed

"Well, now we can definitely says Dell is the winner. Besides Google software, laptops made under Dell's trademark shall also come with the popular and free VoIP application Skype pre-installed. The weird thing is that the owner of Skype is San Jose-based Web auctioneer eBay, which actually fights Google on the market, because of the alliance with Yahoo. Now they'll just have to co-exist on our Dell-made computers..."

"As the leading notebook supplier, Dell is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology that provides voice and video connectivity virtually anywhere," said Brett Faulk, worldwide marketing director, consumer notebooks. "Teaming with Skype, the trend setter in Internet communications, will provide our customers the very best experience when reaching out and staying in touch with friends and family around the world."

"Dell chose Skype to be pre-installed on its new mobile computers because it boasts 100 million subscribers, making it "extremely attractive," said Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden. "For the No. 1 supplier of notebooks to team up with a leading Internet communication company like Skype, it's really a good relationship for both." Skype will come bundled with Dell's new XPS M2010 "portable entertainment PC" and its XPS M1210, a lightweight laptop, which were both unveiled Wednesday. The XPS M2010 sells for $3,500 and the "ultraportable" XPS M1210 is priced at $1,300."

"All the laptops equipped with Skype will own a build-in web-cam and wireless capabilities that will allow users to speak freely using the VoIP technology, whether they're using a mobile telephone or Bluetooth headsets."

For more info on Dell's XPS laptops;


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hummm i don't know

i don't mind getting a CD with all this software

but why are they installing it?? this will turn some customers away

but i think in the other hand they are clever, this will appeal to more people and they will get money from the companies like goggle and skype

i wont buy a desktop or laptop from them

but well its just me maybe

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lol...I got our new HP *shivers* and immediatly, after temporarily disabling the internet connection and installing Kaspersky firewall and reinabling the internet (I don't take any chances, lol), I went to the Add/Remove Programs list and got rid of like half the crap in there that was preloaded...I have a folder on my Personal Media Drive (it just shoves in the front of my HP lol) called "Important Programs" and it has everything I need in it, all categorized by program use...if it's not somewhere inside that Important Programs folder, I don't need it loll  :haha: :haha: :D

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