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20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista


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Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista

By Scot Finnie

. . .Microsoft is focused on casting off its yoke as the industry's security whipping boy. It's also intent on raising the bar to 64-bit architecture, driving the need for advanced video hardware and dual-core motherboards and pushing the RAM standard to 2GB -- all to help spur hardware and software sales over the next several years. Even though there are many great aspects of Windows Vista, taken as a whole, this next one could be Microsoft's first significant operating system failure in quite some time -- at least, as it's configured in Beta 2.

Here are the 20 Vista behaviors and functionalities that could turn off Windows users. Windows newbies may not mind some of these things, but they will definitely try the patience of the millions of Windows users who've got real experience and muscle memory invested in Microsoft's desktop operating system.

Read the full 13 page article for the complete review;

1. Little originality, sometimes with a loss of elegance.

2. Price.

3. Version control.

4. Installation takes forever.

5. Faulty assumption on the Start Menu.

6. Media Center isn't all there and falls flat.

7. Lack of Windows Sidebar Gadgets.

8. Problems without solutions.

9. Windows Defender Beta 2 is buggy.

10. Where are the file menus?

11. Display settings have changed for no apparently good reason.

12. Too many Network Control Panel applets, wizards and dialogs.

13. Network settings user experience went backwards.

14. Windows peer networking is still balky.

15. Some first-blush networking peeves.

16. No way to access the Administrator account in Vista Beta 2.

17. Two words: Secure Desktop.

18. User Account Controls $#^%!~!!!.

19. Aero stratification will cause businesses woe.

20. Minimum video system requirements are more like maximum.

. . .potentially you could see four separate versions of Vista on store shelves, as well as both upgrade and full-install variations.

The Home Basic version lacks Media Center, Tablet PC, Windows Aero support, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Movie Maker for HD, and other features for corporate settings and backup. The plain truth is this: Don't buy a new PC or notebook with Home Basic. And if your existing hardware won't support anything but Home Basic, there's little reason to upgrade -- especially in a business setting. But even home users stand to gain very little from a Home Basic upgrade.

Home Premium is a perfectly reasonable version of Vista for home users. It's not the power user's version, but it's more than serviceable for advanced digital media and gaming pursuits.

The Business and Enterprise versions of Vista lack Media Center support and many of the digital media features. Most of what they add in is aimed at IT manageability, but a few features -- such as Fax and Scan, scheduled user data backup, Windows Shadow Copy, system image-based backup and recovery, and the ability to host Remote Desktop sessions -- probably belong in all the Vista versions. To get those features while also keeping Media Center and digital media features, you have to move all the way up to the top of the list and spring for Windows Vista Ultimate.

It'll probably come as no surprise that while Vista Business will be perfectly fine in enterprise settings, home and small business users who possess the latest and greatest hardware with media features will gravitate to the most expensive version of Vista.

So would it be surprising for Windows Vista Ultimate to have a suggested retail price of $329, $339 or $349? Don't bet against it. I don't see Microsoft effectively lowering the price of Vista Home Premium (akin to XP Home) or Vista Business/Enterprise (akin to XP Pro) -- especially when it's merging Tablet PC and Media Center features in many of these lesser versions.


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when it changed from 1 to 2, from 2 to 2.0, from 3.0 to 3.1, from 3.1 to WfW 3.11, from 3.11 to 95 etc. etc. etc. not to mention NT all people did was complain, say they didn't need it etc. etc. etc.

or has anyone ever called a windows version change a good thing? not to my knowledge.

[glow=red,2,300]So quit yer griping already![/glow]

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yeah. it's beta. as for bad finals, how about suse 10.1? downloaded all the cd's, burned them, handed em to the guy that wanted that crap. he starts installing and i almost fall off my chair laughing when the install hangs because a package for digital camera support or something is missing.

so they issue a final release and the install set is missing a package that makes the install go bad? wonderful!

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Suse 10.1 is great.....

Im still a Windows brat though.....

so how did you install it? (i was lazy and after trying the install by downlo0ading the stuff off the net during the install crashed twice at the same point and then that joke with the missing package i told him look, you have an xp home license. what in the hell do you /need/ linux for on this box anyhow?)

i just found it amusing to see some opensource "final", yes, opensource, by the same people complaining about bugs in windows, dumping during the install.

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I just downloaded the disks and installed it lol....Im running it on my new laptop....

I always had trouble installing Suse 10.0, as it would hang a lot unless I used the network install.

The 10.1 is a pretty good distro.  The wireless works quite well now that they have Knetwork Manager.  Before, the stupid NDIS wrappers wouldn't work for my broadcom chipset..

Im not a linux fanboy, but I do enjoy flirting with it every now and then....

Mepis is also a very good distro....

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