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Ethernet or Not?


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right now i am on a desktop pc with a wireless pci card ( WMP54G) and a router (WRT54G)

if i were to use a ethernet cord instead of the wireless would i notice anything better (faster , less packet loss, faster pings, or anything else) with the ethernet cord vs. wireless

how long is too long for an ethernet cord

i think i read somewhere if you have it too long its not real good

is 50ft of ethernet cord better than wireless

http://www.pc-com.com/cable-rj45.html    - (local store)

are those good prices on ethernet cords?

should i get that cat5? or what

thanks for the help :)

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if you can, always go with the wired instead of the wireless. wireless is ok, but there is the problem of encryption overheads slowing you down, radio interference causing packet loss and always the question of security. wire it up and see the difference in more consistent if not faster results. (the speed loss depends in part on the encryption used.)

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yes i recomend a cable also

50ft is not too long, it can be much bigger so there will be no problem at all

you will notice in smaller pings and maybe the page starting to load faster

maybe the overall speed wont increase but u will see the website come up quicker and stuff cause of small pings = less latency

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prices look ok considering you pick it up local, no hassle ordering, waiting for delivery, and if it is a dud cable you have to send it back etc. etc. etc.

besides, chances are that you can measure exactly how much cable you will need and have em do one to fit so you can do a tight install without loops of cable hanging all over the place.

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you should be golden with cat5 unless you are planing to run more than 100mbit on it or have a whole lot of radio interference in your area that might make it onto the cable. (if you did, then you prolly wouldn't be able to listen to the radio, couldn't use cordless phones and the wireless would be flaky at best as well.)

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