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secure sites?


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Microwave ....I had him "check" the two proxy boxes in IE6 because with DWay configurations it will actually add another 200Fbps to the 'download' speeds, and that's the only reason it is on.  (But that doesn't have a DAMN thing to do with 128-bit security such as a banking institution would use, so my mind is reeling here.  (But I love new challenges)! 


*Just got an e-mail from Damon ....my LAN Guide has been posted to the Guides section.  I also asked him about the Green Stars.  lol...put the heat on him!

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Oh.  It just dawned upon me that you may have to enter the secure website's name in the same box where I had you add the stuff, because secure websites use proxy as a filter for incoming and outgoing data ...to keep it 100% safe.  So, since their name isn't listed in that box, their Servers are simply having you 'adapt' your browser so that nothing is compromised in the way of security ...solely in your best interests.

*Sorry for "the brainfade" there Brawnydawg ...but it took a while for the 'grey-matter' to engage on that one! DUH!  lol....


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Remember I am using Mozilla -

So I need to add each site? Do I put a comma or semicolon between them?

It won't let me into the direcway  "my direcway site' either. i have two bank accounts one credit card and a subscription weather site that I can't get in. I guess I will need to get all the numbers and enter??  where do you get the numbers or do you put the web addy in?

My speed did ick up by checking the boxes.

Thanks for the help guys!

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You would put a semicolon between each entry.  But, since you are using Mozilla, I am not the one to be asking about such a security sensitive issue because I just do not have the latest security info for that browser.  It should allow you into DirecWay assuming you have setup an account for yourself (nothing "secure" about that place)!  What I mean is that in order to make full use of www.mydirecway.com you need to "form" an account complete with Username and Password ...if you have already done this yet can't get in I would just make another account and forget about your old one!  (You can always delete the old one after creation of the new).

As far as putting your banking info and credit card info "on the line", I would personally advise against doing such until they get the kinks out of the systems.  They are still too many ppl who have the software to 'crack' your protection (it's only 128-bit) then steal your ID ...so it isn't worth it is it?

But! Hey, if it works for you no worries.  (But I am clueless as to how you need to safely enter that info using Mozilla).  Sorry!  However, I will check into that for you and get back to you with specifics ..I'll just place a call to Mozilla and get it from the horses mouth  (you might want to do the same and then we can compare notes)?  lol...

*Checking those proxy boxes will always kick up your speed.  DirecWay doesn't want you to know that though ....they'd rather reserve all the bandwidth they can.  I'm pleased it worked for ya!

"The Rev"

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