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DSL connection Freezes


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The DSL shows that its connected to the CPU(via Ethernet) and the REMOTE connection is still good.

But The Local Area Connection freezes.. and I loose connection to the Page that Im on.

I can disable and Re-enable the LAC , and it begins working again. but after 5 min or so, it repeats the Process.

Things that I've tryed--

WINSOC-- reset the Reg

Creating a New Connection

Turning All Firewalls off

Turning off DSL and REboot

Using a USB cable / instead of a Ethernet cable

Freeing up RAM

Its driving me Frickin' Crazy !

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Replaced Ethernet Cable.. Installed New NIC card.. Re-ran Driver CD... and WOW... no change...

Does exactly the same thing...is there any help out there ?  after 2 weeks of 12 hours days working on this thing.. Im starting to think that its time to Ditch all computers and return to the real world.

If I had a Hammer right now  :angry5:

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