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How do I track my connection history


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I love testmynet but I want to set it to track my speed over time and ideally display it as a chart. I take care of the Macs and there is a PC guy who does the PCs and network. I think our internet access here at school sucks and want some evidence, we have a T1 that also handles the VOIP, the upload time seems OK and consistant but the download time crawls some times. How do I set this up?

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OK I found host stats but that appears to be based on the few tests I have run. What I am looking for is a way to monitor the connection,  I want to set it to regulary, say once every 15 minutes for say a week and then chart.  Or is there a free MAC OSX or UNIX app I could use?

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I may be creating a test that does this automatically for members in the near future.  It would most likely be a page that you would leave open (minimized) and would run a test every hour or so..... just wanted to let you know that this IS something that's being looked at.  I actually used to have something like this a looooong time ago, in like 2001... although it was very primitive.

Just keep visiting, when it becomes availible it will be posted on the front page for everyone to hear about.  For now, you'll just have to come to the site every so often and run a test.

Check out your stats http://www.testmy.net/stats/u-vudutu (by the way, there aren't many stats for you because you just signed up on the 8th, if you pull it up by your compID you will see more stats from before you signed up http://www.testmy.net/stats/comp-198578279598 --- but now that you're signed up it's best to stay logged in because the stats for you while you're logged in will stay in the database the stats while your not logged in are flushed every two months)


Check out my stats http://www.testmy.net/stats/u-CA3LE :evil6:

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Thanks for the replys

testmynet has all the info and charting I need, really what I need is a little apple script app or PHP I can invoke that would on some regular basis reload testmynet, and run the smarttest at some preset time interval.  Then I can just go an view the stats.  I still am a little puzzled that the database/member stats don't show my previous tests ( I joined about a week ago) only todays.

Thanks again

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