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Post a satelite image of your house/apt/condo....etc

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What do you prefer?  :laughing7:

Bring you goody bag and maybe we can get my comp a little faster.  ;)

anything is good for me. and i wll deffently bring it, we can get that thing flying. no i just gotta find time to drive the 1434 miles to you.

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Yeah, people get too nervous about security. If you do not have more than where I live it would do little good. I am in the phone book as most people are.

About the only people I would not having my address, would be my renters. Other reason's involved there. My phone rings with unwanted people, and my e-mail is full. Whoopi doo.

So post your sat pics already. I dare you.  :mrgreen:

By the way, how did you know it was 1434 miles? :icon_scratch:

I had 1416 miles by the way.

You are quicker than most dlewis23.

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