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philp instead of carring 2 15's in those states, just carry 3 10's.


Yeah, I guess the Democrats didn't consider that, did they? They don't limit the number of magazines, just the amount of bullets each one will hold.

Texas had the 7 day waiting period for a short time, too. They finally figured out that criminals don't buy legitimate guns from legitimate gun stores.  :whaa:

So now they just make a quick phone call at the cash register to make sure you aren't a felon before you can purchase a gun. The way it should be.  :roll:

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My bedside gun is a Ruger22 automatic pistol.I consider the 22 one of the deadliest as well as safest house guns.It doesn't usually go thriugh walls like a larger caliber will .Yet when a body shot is what it is used for the bullet goes in & bounces around tearing everything up.It's not the best head shot gun but most crimonals that might be inside your house without permission aren't wearing body armor.So do the body shot.btw I keep 2 clips handy only 9 shots per clip but if I can't do the job with 18 shots I have no business shoting a gun.

[email protected]

irish setters are renowned for making a loaf of bread look smart.

resopalrabotnick;their personality makes up for what seems a lack of intellegence.They love people & will do anything to please .I had one for 11 years.She could stand on her hind legs longer that any dog I was ever around.I think she would have stood for half an hour for a treat.she could also walk this way & turn a circle.

That's a large shepard Nos7667, is he part wolf. The only one I ever saw that large was part wolf.

Tommie ;A friend of mine had a full blood German Shepard with AKC papers this dog weighed 140 lbs & was not fat.I know because my friend could not lift him to weigh him so I did & stepped on the scale while he read the amount.This one was a family pet not a gaurd trained shepard so he was friendly.The only person I saw this dog attack was a mailman who came in the yard when my friends young son was in the yard.Fortunatly this was an old experienced mailman that carried the leather mail bag .The stuck his arm inside it & used it for defense.he did not even get bit.

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cholla :  Have you seen the .22LR Sub Sonic 65 grain rounds?? That projectile is heavier than a SS109 round( 55 gr.). (5.56mm Ball round in case you didn't recognize SS109).  At real close range that 65 grain ought to be something.  Cabela's has them.

I'll have to stick with my S&W Sigma 9mm, 17rd, 3 hi-cap clips, mixed loads, Blue Glazers, Frangibles, Black Talons, Hi-Shoks.

Shoot POST at 291/300. Hard to argue from a slab !!!

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EWO ;I went & looked at the .22LR Sub Sonic 65 .Those would be fine but for what I use this gun for I think the regular LR hollowpoints are fine.I don't have a gun collection but I do have quite a few.But my 2 choices of my guns for house protection are the 22 Rugger pistol or my 12ga.double barrel .It's a short shot gun but legal still the way I bought it at the gun store.

I have a Benelli 9mm pistol as well.I have a single shot Kentucky black powder 45 cal. pistol that might be interesting for the forensics people if I used it.It shoots a nice flame out the barrel.

I have a colt replica 44 cal Colt revolver Black powder.

That's about half my guns.

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Know what you mean.  My assortment is about 22 weapons - 5 or 6 hand guns and the rest long.- 22's to 30.06's, 12ga's. and my Baby - A-Bolt Stainless Stalker w/3x9x50 Leupold VarX-III .300 Win. Mag. Sweet shooting to 500 yd. no problem. I love guns.  Best hand gun I've ever owned was a TDE .44 Auto Mag. Fine shooting weapon - left or right handed. I'm ashamed that I got rid of it - but needed the money more at the time.

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