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poll:How many members on dial-up?


How many people testing at testmy.net are using regular dial-up  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. How many people testing at testmy.net are using regular dial-up

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;) It is kinda cool that he has been able to max out his connection, and I think that is something that everyone wants 2do........ no matter what connection you have make it the best that it can be........ but I would freak if I had to use 56k all the time....L0L but I do know ppl that dont really see it as an issue.....  :?

8) Microwave

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Hi all: thanks for the comments on dial-up.I'm gladto know wmmc has dial-up to.I changed the poll questions I couldn't remember the origional ones & they had been changed by someone other than me.

Hi Swimmer: Dial-up is band width just low everything on the internet is band width.Dial-up users & there are a lot of us test their speed too.

I would have replied sooner but I am having some browser problems.

    :cool:  Cholla

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Yeah, alot more money, and if you get FAP'ed it's worse than dial-up, not to mention losing service completely at times  during a thunderstotm and just whenever dway is feeling a  bit cantankerous.  How I wish, I wish I had other options, my dial-up speed was only half of the modem speed.

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