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My college (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) had an article in the school paper about how next year we might have the internet2 on campus. It said that if it follows through and we do get internet2 they said they would go from like a 155mb/s connection to 1000mb/s. Our speeds this year were decent enough and with such a large speed increase that would be amazing!

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S7R1D3R: take a look at the Speed Chart on testmy.net ("Speed Chart" under Misc Tools at the very top).  That chart goes up to OC256, which is almost 14Gbit/s...but right now I believe the fastest widely-used OC line is OC-768 (SBC/ATT is supposed to be upgrading their backbone to this over the summer and I think Microsoft has 1 or more).  OC-768 is 40Gbit/s.  Some companys are testing OC1536, which is 79.6Gbit/s..but the real kicker will be OC3072, which will be around 159.2Gbit/s :)  I the info for the this at: http://www.biologydaily.com/biology/Broadband_Internet_access (scroll all the way to the bottom and look under "External Links").

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wow i never thought they could go that fast, but i knew that to provide the internet to customers the ISP needs a fast connection to split between all the customers, but i thought that people got those speeds, not companies, but man 159GBits/sec omg!!!

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