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New Cooling, AWESOME!


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I just want to show a little praise for a couple of new additions to my computer.

I recently started hearing a crying sound coming from my video card.  Being that it's a fairly expensive Asus Radeon X800XL (not too expensive anymore.. but it was stupid expensive when I got it so I want to take care of it).  So I looked into new fans... I ended up with the ARCTIC COOLING AVC-AT5 (see it at newegg).  It setup fairly easy, I did have to cut off the old plug and splice it to the new fans cord because the plug they provided was the wrong type.  I don't have software to tell me what the temp is but I'm sure it's way cooler than before, especially since it now vents to the outside of the case... I will have to overclock it now :).


BUT! The best part is what I bought after I picked out the video card cooling.


Second... the new CPU cooler.

My CPU in the past has idled as high as 65

First... the new video card cooler.

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yea thermal compound really helps (AS5), my computer idles between 25-29c and around 36-38c full load. but when the cryo-z comes out there will be some very nice temps ;)

I should have Artic Silver 5 on the video card and CPU right now, but when I made the change I found out that my tube was empty, I need to buy more and wipe off the stock paste... it will go down a few more degrees for sure :) -- AS5 is magical.

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ca3le how do you like your 940b? I have a few and they are the best monitors ive ever had and used, and ive used alot of monitors.

Oh, I love my 740B.  Beautiful picture, killer contrast... awesome for high framerate games.  I've never seen a hint of ghosting or bleed. A++++ monitor.  Picture is extreamly crisp with DVI, I could never go back to CRT.

Like the past 10 computers I've built for people have all had Samsung monitors (mostly the 740n though.. 17").  Not a single dead pixel in any of them and all the people I built them for have been 100% happy with them.  Samsung all the way for LCDs.

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Probably cooler... I can't access any temperature sensors though.

The base of the heatsink is just a bit warm to the touch with about 15% average usage

it may run cooler... but have you overclocked 20%?  What CPU do you have by the way?

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I wish I could overclock... (I'm gonna get a new mobo one of these days...)

I have the P4 540 (3.2GHz HT, 1MB L2 cache, Prescott core)

right on.. so it's only your mobo holding you back from overclocking?  Is your memory good enough?  What's wrong with your mobo?

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