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Time Warner DVR question


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hello everyone. i have a scientific atlanta explorer 8000 dvr cable box and i was wondering if there's any way that i could copy the files from the dvr hard drive to my computer. if so can you tell me. thanks, i really appreciate it.

yes and no. no to the way you are probally thinking. you wold have to use the analog hole. you have to get a capture card for your computer then use the analog out from the DVR to the input on a capture card on your pc then record it.

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i have seen solutions that modify the dvr by installing a small circuit board that can split the ide signal to an external plug that is then connected to a pc. this way the files could be pulled off the dvr disc and stored on a comp or cd. this worked only for dvr models that store the video unencrypted in a normal digital video format. or you can always just open the case and yank the drive with the above conditions met. or connect a cable to the drive from a usb external hd case and use a longer usb connection to get the signal to a pc and access it. would still require opening the dvr to hook up but you would only have to go to usb on the pc. as for legality, i guess if you keep the videos to yourself you should be ok, if you spread them around you are probably in trouble.

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