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bought some toys


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I been looking for a new cellphone, and went to a store today, turned out they had a special offer

buy a Nokia 5140i for 0,13 USD and get a Dirtbike if you add 26 USD/month for 18 Months

the catch was that i need to sign a 24month subscription that cost 17,46 USD/ month

dont know much about cellphones, but the salesman said this should be good cos its somewhat waterproof, and i use the cell when im out hunting and so on..

my son was very happy that i went to that store for a cellphone haha


VanBuren :)

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pretty nice lolz .... im proud to say that im getting a new toy soon.....suzuki katana 750gsxr

hehe thats SOME toy  :D

I dont think i ever will buy a motorcycle, people say i drive car like a maniac, I once tested a friends Yamaha FZR 1000 with 145 hp, after that i knew for sure it would kill me some day haha

If i will buy a motorcycle it will be a offroad 4stroke 600cc or something like that  :D

VanBuren :)

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good rugged phone

not what i need since i don't go hunting LOL :)

thinking of getting a new phone for my self also

been 4 years with the same phone its so MASHED up its unbelievable

i think the buttons only work with my special fingers now


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Nice toys VanBuren. Does not sound bad for that bike.  :D

So what does "somewhat waterproof" actually mean. Would he actuallly let you drop it in a glass of water to test it?  :evil6:

:haha: probl not, i think he meant it will handle rain pretty good...

VanBuren :)

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