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Network Woes :(


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Ok im not sure why this happens But , Well first off we play a Game called Conquer online once or twice a week we'll have days that are just GOD AWFUL Connectivity wise. and the rest of the Week we wont get kicked off once im really not explaining this well.

Monday (Terrible Connection)

Tuesday (Decent Connection)

Wensday (Almost no problems)

Thursday (Almost no problems)

Friday (Almost no problems)

Saturday (Almost no problems)

Sunday (Almost no problems)

Now the next time it can go like that but maybe Friday or Saturday may be bad. so im just wondering if anyone knows why this could be happening and if theres like a Network Stability Test or Something.

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are you playing this in a lan or is it on an internet server? are you using wireless? if so are there other wireless devices or appliances like microwaves, cordless phones etc where you are using the wireless? if internet game is your internet connection fast/slow when the problems occur? is there a lot of other traffic when they occur? any info like that would help... also, what is the configuration of the net you are playing on/from?

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I always Forget Details =/ hehe well

Hardwired Router on a 4 computer lan Running comcast Cable internet

Quote"what is the configuration of the net you are playing on/from? Quote" can you explain that to me abit :D

what you just said. is the internet connection generally slow when the problems occur? and is the game local or internet based?

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One "Game on Alot"

Two "Game ALWAYS on"

Three "Internet and Chatting"

Four "Barely ever even on"

Normally the thing that stops the connection is where if you look on the lower right corner there the 2 Computers showing the Network Conectivity. one second that will say a Network cable in Unplugged on all comtuers and come right back up but in the process dcing us.

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alright.. might want to give this a try.. It sounds like you DCHP client is handing out new ips or just dropping you for a second every once in a while..

Since the last firmware release was in July of last year I would get that you have it.. I would reflash the router with a new copy, download it from linksys, and see if that helps at all..  I was able to find some older 3third party stuff.. but it looks like it was well before the july 2005 release.

if that doesnt.. then try setting static IPs on the computer that are on the game all of the time.. that should prevent the disconnects..

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I still think it is a router issue since you will get the "Network Cable Unplugged"

message. If you were just loosing your internet service momentarily or there was some noise on your line, you would not get that message.

Check the date and version of your firmware.

You need to know which hardware version you have, it is on the tag I believe.

Go to this Linksys support page and follow it through to the firmware section:

Click Here

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