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Static Ip?


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i have a normal earthlink account from brighthouse networks

5/384 and would like to know how is it possible that i have the same ip for over a year, i thought it was dynamic not a static account? am i wrong or could someone explain a lil bit

and is there anyway of changing this ip address, mac clone address wont work- tried it

Thanks :)

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The IP address you obtain is usually on a 72 hour lease. This means that once you first obtain an IP from the DHCP server, it is not up for release until 72 hours later. However, if you are online at this time, there is no need to re-negotiate with the DHCP server for a new IP, seeing as you already have a valid one. The lease negotiation only occurs when necessary. So basically, unless you are offline (PC shut down, modem offline) during the expiration of the lease, you will not require a new IP address.  And sometimes even if you are offline during this, you may get the same IP back if it has not been taken.

There are ways of getting a new IP. One is leaving your modem off for a few days (so that you will negotiate a new DHCP lease). Another is connecting to your modem with another device, ie. another NIC, a router, USB, etc. The IP is bound to the MAC address of the connecting device. When another MAC is connected, a new lease is negotiated.

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and the mac id is something different (a lot different) from the ip. it is, for one thing, a lot longer. and it is actually intended to be a unique identifier for a network device. so every nic, router, modem etc. has its own. the clone mac address in most routers is intended to solve the problem of some connections being valid only with the mac address of the original computer hooked up to it. the router can report that number and it will look to the isp network like there was no change.

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the reason it worked is because of what fallowearth said. the router has a mac addy. the pc's nic has a different one. copy the nics to the router and the modem sees a different one. and there is no problem doing that. it's just that some services do or used to use the mac address as another form of identifying the system logging on.

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