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I had to bring this up. Just a few moments before beginning this thread my home was hit by a lightning strike while I was on the phone to my mom. Fortunately I was on a cordless and man is it night-time here, to our guest and members be careful. I heard a crack in the line and the lightning strike hit the UHF antenna.


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Hi the 1/2 ,

you were surprisingly lucky , did you have any damage to your property ?

I used to be employed by the UK Electricity board , part of my job was to inspect the damage caused by lightning strikes, normally the damage was extensive ,

i.e. chimney stack destroyed , roof tiles missing , electrical wiring ripped out of the walls , all  electrical appliances plugged in destroyed , and signs of fire damage,

it was just like a surreal painting by Salvador  Dali,

My claim to fame is, I was struck by ball lightning while driving my car(convertible ) it was the most spookiest thing ,   normally this phenomenon is reported as alien space craft stuff , ( not so, they dont exist, IMHO) the first warning I got was the hair on my arms stood on end, 5seconds later my world turned into a white-out for around 5-10 seconds , no pain , then my vision returned , as I was doing 70mph I traveled  a fair distance before I was back in full control of the car , Lucky for me the road was straight , a following motorist said my car disappeared in a brilliant white flash ,

and he was surprised to see it still there after the incident , a violent storm was taking place about 20 miles away at the time ,

so guys if your hair stands on end for no apparent reason , you have about  5 seconds to say WTF, then it gets you ,

Roco  UK


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Glad your OK.

Did the lightning take to the ground properly?

Yes dn0 and no Roco. The lightning struck the old VHFUHF antenna atop the house. The antenna is grounded (I believe to the waterline in our basement) but no longer connected to TV ever since cable was installed on the premises. But that clap of thunder over my place and my neighbours was something.

It's been hit and miss thunderstorms here much like you would encounter in Florida. Here's a cool website to view radarlightning strikesground clutter in your area (I believe in the US only). Just type in your zip, click on the NEXRAD radar, choose animate and there's a whole list of options below the radar screen.

Click there---->http://www.wunderground.com/


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