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New test sizes for the new INSANE connections


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Alright, there are a bunch of new INSANE connections that are becoming more popular so I will be adding a couple of new test sizes to accommodate the demand.... a 12MB test is not even close to the size that would be perfectly accurate for these monsters.

I think the new sizes will be

  • 28MB --- for the connections around 30Mbps, this will sustain a 7 second test.  Basically a 30 Mbps connection transfers 3.66 MB/s, times that by 7 seconds and you get a little over 25MB... I round up to 28MB for the guys who are running a tad over 30Mbps so they don't have to go to the next test size.
  • 45MB --- for the connections around 50Mbps, again.. this let these guys sustain a 7 second download so they get a nice accurate test.

unfortunately direct linking to these test will be completely unavailable (even if you know the little linking tricks, hehe).  These test must be called on by testmy.net and will only be requested for connections that really need it (if i did it any other way my bandwidth could be sucked dry).  Although there will be a key available for those of you that want to try it (play with it)... the key will be automatically changed daily and you'll need to PM me for the key of that day.  I'm sure the restriction will be removed in the following years as bandwidth becomes more available (in the past year testmy.net's host has given us 1 terabyte of extra bandwidth per month... and I'm sure as bandwidth becomes cheaper they will continue adding bandwidth to my package)

That's it... I will post more info when this feature actually becomes availible :) -- should be within the next week or two.


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