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...an interesting video


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...now, this little documentary won't be interesting to everyone - its a little 30 minute film talking about how the media fooled people with fake images during war time in yugoslavia - to sort of support the 'need' of outside governments and bombings of yugoslavia - that is when the war started in 1992.....i was there...sadly, not a lot of people know the truth, or they just don't care :)

the beginning of the video has some information on who, what and why...i find this video very interesting


...who says government and media don't work together to create conspiracies :)

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well....the german and u.s. troops just needed an excuse to come in and start creating a chaos....i guess its not the first or the last time it will happen - media is a powerful weapon - i can recall back in my first year of high school here in the u.s. and conversations with the people i hung out with.....those people who took some interest in these types of issues strictly believed that serbian people commited war crimes and well...they just believe what they saw/heard - cant blame them, buts it hard to explain certain things without valid proof which not a lot of people have....sure the lives people lead and the things they lived through is proof, but certainly not enough...

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