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what is the differece with Kbps and kB/s


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When I do a speed test I get a result of Download :: 53211 Kbps  :lol:  or 53.21 Mbps (6495 kB/s)  But what is the differnece between Kbps  and kB/s ?

Can some one tell me what they mean.  I thought they both ment Kilobytes per second, but I get 2 different numbers, so they must mean different.  53211 Kbps  is not the same as 6495 kB/s  or is it.  :roll: If it is why is that?

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but what is the difference.  I know one is Download connection and the other is Download speed, but what is the difference between connection and speed?  what does connection mean vs speed?

you just said the difference, "one is Download connection and the other is Download speed"

but what is the difference between connection and speed?

well one is what your connected at, and one is the speed you download or upload at.

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Key words

bit: minimum unit that handles a computer. (zero a one).

byte: it is a set of 8 bits and represents a character.

bps: (bit per seconds) unit of measurement of information transference.

bytes/s: (bytes per seconds) unit of measurement of transference of information in byte per second (a CPS).

1024 bits = 1 kbits (kilo bit)

1024 bps (bits per second) = 1 kByte/s (kilo byte per second)

1024 bytes = 1 kb (kilo bytes)

1024 bytes/second = 1 kb/s (1 kb per second).

1024 kb = 1 mb (megabyte)

1024 kb/s = 1 mb/s (a megabyte per second)

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yeah, line speed is measured in bps, Kbps, Mbps, Gbps and so on... but file transfer is measured in bytes/s, kB/s, MB/s, GB/s and so on.... the reason file transfer is measured on a different scale is because it's representing the speed on a scale that relates to files... for instance, the file is 500 kilobytes (kB) the correct term for talking about how fast you downloaded that file would be 150kB/s ---- which means that your line speed is 1228.8Kbps or 1.2Mbps

I hope this clears up the confusion... it's kinda hard to explain ;-)

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I'm still confused :?. I have been wanting to ask this for a long time. Maybe someone should give a clear explanation or definition of connection and speed. I'll look it up on wikipedia like someone suggested until i hear from one of u.

But can i atleast confirm what i think i gathered from ur posts.

The speed which would be Kbps is how fast any file of any size travels on your line.

And the connection or transfer rate which is kB/s is how fast ur line actually transfers a file of a paticular size.

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My uneducated guess would be one is the speed you actually connect to the internet for a connection, and the second is the speed you transfer the information across the internet.

Simpler for me would be like a drag car. The connection speed is the time it takes to get traction. The transfer speed being the time it takes to get all the way down the strip.

Actually both very important to winning a race.  :shrug:

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1 bit is a binary 1 or 0

8 bits is equal to 1 byte

If you have a 1 Mbps connection you should show a transfer around 1024 Kbps divided by 8 = 128 Kbps (KiloBytes). Of course under best possible circumstances, there is still room for error and the faster you connection the error rate could increase, more lost bits, collisions, runts, noise, and other factors. I also believe some of the bits are used for keeping syncronization of the digital signals timing, error correction, and ecapsulation of packets, so even dividing by 8 it will be off some but not a lot. This is the way I see it anyway.  They are both units of measurement, simlar to 1000 meters = 1 kilometer except it is done by a factor of 8. The reason for the 8 is also is 8 bits is the max number allowed. 11111111 = 255 if you want to convert it.  Ip address is 32-bit divided into 4 8-bit octets.  255 is the largest number possible from 8 bits. 

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