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split up the application list in all programs???????


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        last year when i bought my pc with my first os xp,



          These list of softwares appeared to me in two columns with large icon style   


          i really enjoyed working with it!!!!!!!

          but due to spywares terribly attacking my pc i had to format my pc n since then  those list of applications never appeared in two columns it appears as a single column with sliders at the top n bottom

          i wish to ve the previous (two column list) setting but donno how to do it

            can anybody pls help me??????????       

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Right click on your taskbar, click properties, click the start menu tab, click the customise button, go to the advanced tab, in the Start menu items box find the Scroll Programs ckeckbox (towards the bottom) and uncheck it. ;)

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thanks viceadmin 4 ur valuable help

    it workd out man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i ve another doubt in this how the display the same list of items in larger fonts currently it all appears small to me???????????

          thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That would be a system-wide setting, not just for the start menu.

You could either lower the screen resolution or increase the font DPI. (basically increase the font size)

Either way works but all the fonts will increase, not just the start menu.  I'd recommend increasing the DPI if you choose to do so.

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Right-click on your desktop, click properties, go to the settings tab, click the advanced button (towards the bottom) and change the DPI setting to Large size (120 DPI)

See if that helps out... you might have to restart yout computer for the change to show.

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