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WordPad - A computer trick by "I Am An Idiot"

The Reverend

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MICROWAVE :cool: !!!!

Where have ya been all day?  I haven't seen any other mods except for VB a few times ...and it has been BUSY!!!  (lot's of e-mail requests too so I'm getting really good at multi-tasking again ...and thank goodness for having two screens!  lol....

Yeah, I keep a directory of stuff and once it reaches 700MB I move it onto a CD ...then start all over again.  Folks from all over send me things every day so now that I have a place to share them ...why not?  The kids love alot of the stuff I've been hoarding ....(especially the gun.exe)!!!!  I like playing with that when I get disgusted with a failed graphix creation or something.  :)

Anyway, thanks for the line!  I was beginning to wonder if I had fallen into REAL cyberspace and thus may have been in BIG trouble!  heheh...


"The Rev"

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:( Sorry  I am helping my cousin at their business for a couple of days setting up 3 new computers on a network.....This is almost like work....LOL  I did sign on 1 time 2day but 56k is unbearable 2me... :( and besides I'm suppose to be working...LOL..... Hmmm family .....I'll bet if I was a brain surgeon I'd be operating on everyone....LOL.... and worst part is everyone is very computer challenged....LOL ... I keep hearing just make it work please.... and I keep saying but....it is working your just clicking the wrong btns.... LOL... Oh well only a couple more days,.... and I have help for the grunt work so being a "BOSS" is pretty easy....LOL    And maybe someday they will have broadband in their area..........................

8) Microwave

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12:00 O'clock Flashers?  ROFL!!!!!  Sounds like ex-neighbors back in the states!  That's a new "term" on me ....and I love it!  Toooooo funny resopalrabotnick :)

And yes, he's under the gun for a rather miserable form of support ...but takes it all in stride, so I'm giving him a click on the ole Applause button!


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