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most FRUSTRATING speed problem. EVER.


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Ok I am paying for Verizon FIOS 15/2 package. I test the connection and never exceed over 6mbit/s on any site, except for their site where I get 15 down (usually). But thats where the speed ends. I got 2 computers connected to the new FIOS Actiontec router. One computer is a Dell computer from 2003 or 4 with a 2.4ghz celron, 256mb ddr ram, everything (sound, network card graphics) integrated in the motherboard. This is my dad's computer.

Now I have a Dell Diminseon 8100 from 2001 with 1.4ghz Pentium 4, 256mb of pc-600 RDRAM, brand new 160 gig HD, Realtek rtl8139 PCI ethernet card.

OK. my dads computer tests 15mbits down everytime, downloads off microsoft.com at 2MB/s (and was still rising, but the 12mb download has ended) Now my computer is a different story. When hitting open or save immediatly after clicking the download, the rate will start about 400KB/s (just like my dad's) but unlike my dads, instead of quickly raising to over 1MB/s, my speed quickly drops to 200KB/s, then from there is slowly drops over the next 3-6 minutes too around 150KB/s. (note, these downloads are done from microsoft.com, just like my dads) We are both hardwired to the router with ethernet. I have switched routers and cords, to no avail. There is no speed cap. I got mad, and reformated my whole computer and reinstalled xp. didnt fix it. Updated windows. Didn't fix it. Went to the verizon fios website and tweaked my mtu setting. Nodda change. Network card is set in auto duplex mode like it should be. I've never seen a download over 300K/s on this computer with ANY connection (not even at a college with a T3) If its some wierd hardware problem, wtf could it be? My network card? Should I change it? Could it be because i have pc-600 rdram, which never seemed to be popular? Oh ya. sometimes my computer makes a very very high pitched hissing noise when i move around windows and load large pictures and shit, or anytime i put some sort of load on)  Anyways any help would be appreciated.  I know its not the isp or spyware. any ideas please let me know thanks

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Welcome to the forum zero10951.

So you are sure it is clean, and you have cleaned it in safe mode with networking, with your Anti-Virus?

By the way which AV are you using? Which firewall? Have you tried without your firewall on?

The hissing noise, have you actually opened up the box and tried to locate where the noise is, or if you see any sparks?

Have you tweaked your connection yet?

http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-1013 Just pick a file that you need.

Hope this helps.  :D

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I would try to adjust the recieve window..  My 8600 wouldnt go over about 4mb at college.. adjusted that and it was up in the mid 20's  Also check dells website for the latest drivers.. dont by any means use the ones that are included in windows xp!

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