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italy wins :(


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Italy should of left the game when they came toplay in Berlin. France, was and is a better team and a stronger team, and whatever Zidane did to Materazzi, well the Italian deserved it. There are only a few things that you can't say on the field, and he probably said one of them. Zidane,by far the better player and more skilled. One of the newsources said that Materazzi said something about seeing Zidane's mom after the world cup, that right there would make me do the same thing as Zidane did. Materazzi...macaroni grilling bastard :twisted:

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the incident in the final along with the rest of the tournament (thank god i was spared all but the most unavoidable highlights on the news) just proves that those overpaid prima donnas playing soccer (and yes, there are some of those in every sport) don't have the spirit of a sportsman.

saw a clip a while ago that showed how a blitzing linebacker broke joe theismans leg nastily. that was a cereer ending injury for him. after he tackled him and realized that theisman was injured he was the first one up and waving for the redskins' medical staff to get on the field. he seemed rather upset about the whole thing and went back to theisman to check on him. now that is true sportsmanship. play as hard as needed, within the rules, but don't lose your humanity.

many pro sports nowadays have a distinct lack of this humanity. players climbing into the stands to beat up on fans? players fouling each other nastily? all too common for my taste.

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