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mac mini


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now that little lunchbox sized munchkin of a mac is downright sweet. none of the teletubby effect of an iMac, good specs, that thing has settop box written all over it. hook it up to tv, cordless mouse keyboard, and all those movies that somehow end up on your home computers never need to see a cd-r or dvd-r again. i bt it even has a nicely quiet fan, if it has one at all.

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Yeah but I hate not having alot of 'real estate' for my displays ...that's why I decided to setup a dual panel display!  Macs have some pretty tiny displays!  I never could figure out why anyone would want them so small either.  TVs got larger, IBMs got larger ...Macs have stayed about the same ...mostly anyway.  Argh ....I dunno, perhaps there is something about a Mac that I should be made aware of?  lol....

The Reverend

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For me, it all depends on what I'm dealing with.  If I'm multi-tasking on a powerful computer, then big displays and possibly even dual moniters are a must.  But, if I'm on a computer with low specs, that's used specifically for work or chat, then I'd prefer smaller resolutions/screen sizes.  This is because when working, I can concentrate much more easily on what I'm doing.  Little space gives you little room for distraction.  That's why when using the old P3 system (which is usually just collecting dust), I awlays use my old 10" CRT.  I find that I get work done a lot faster that way.

Hell, maybe I'm just crazy.  Gotta run!


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