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Help please SATA harddrive problems


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I have a computer that I need to format. It has a seagate 120 gb harddrive in it.

I was told i need to press F6 during windows setup and load a third party driver. The problem is I dont have the SATA harddrive driver. can any one help me find this driver?

I tried doing it like I would a regular harddrive and windows says there is no mass storage device.

here is the harddrive i have


Model Number:ST3120026A

Capacity:120 GB

Speed:7200 rpm

Seek time:11.5 ms avg

Interface:Ultra ATA/100


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wait thats a ata100 drive, you dont need a driver for that, don't push F6, just continue, windows should find the drive.

Every time I try to do it. it says windows can not find a mass storage device and cant not continue.

I have a Dell Deminsion XPS GEN 2

I hope I can figure this out.

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It shows like little black dotted lines through the blue dell sign. then when it shows windows xp it shows them 2 but once I get into the the desktop they go away.

Then when I try to play a game I get this


Program: C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftWoW.exe

File: C:buildbuildWoWENGINESourcegxCGxDeviceD3dCGxD3dDevice.cpp

Line: 1521

Check AGP aperature.

Then some times it will load and the graphics will be all glitchy.

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