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yea, I'm going to be using it for college. 8 lbs is a lil heavy but I'll manage.

Mine's 7 lbs... it's not that bad, you get used to it... It's just a little cumbersom for me right now because I haven't found a case for it yet... as soon as my new ATM card come in the mail I'll get one for sure.

You'll get used to the size.. and it's worth the extra weight for the extra features.. especially that 17" - very nice.... I still wish mine was under 4-5 lbs.. it would be nice :)

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Guest PeePs

My intel laptop is ****, turns off whenever the **** it feels like it and I'm pretty sure it's from overheating. I was trying to watch a movie on it and it turned off like 5 times I think (no joke) and I ended up getting ****** and not even finishing the movie. One of these days if I ever find a small enough screwdriver I'll open it up to make sure its not full of dust  ;) .

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