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Sorry, had a little issue there  :oops:

I've fixed the problems.  I was making an update to the site and made a complete mistake.  I have corrected the issue and business will resume as usual.  Too bad we had about an hour of downtime :(  --- sorry for the inconvenience.

The thing that makes repair a headache sometimes is that when there is an error everyone that's on the site keep refreshing pages and keep sending requests.  When you times that by the hundreds of people usually on at any given time it can be taxing on the server and taxing on my nerves.. hehe.    -- All that matters is that everything is restored.

- Damon

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Oh, by the way.... speaking of people sending requests during times like that; there were so many requests sent by people during that outage that there was 4GB of error logs, in turn overflowing my /var partition.

Do yourself a favor and the webmaster a favor when you see problems like that... give the site some time to repair the problem.  By sending thousands of requests you are only making it take longer to repair ;-) 

--- from now on I'm going to kill public access durring repairs so I don't have to deal with all those requests, lol

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