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automatic windows updates in pirated xp


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hi guys

          suppose if i am using a pirated windows xp os in my pc can i turn on the automatic update option of the windows ?? to download and install updates from microsoft site!

           my pc serviceman told not to do so coz it is a pirated version and may cause problems if updates (meant for genuine xp) are installed in the pirated version!!!!


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I believe this "my pc serviceman told not to do so coz it is a pirated version and may cause problems if updates" cancelled out supposed.

Hahaha..I guess next time I should read the whole thing before I post :oops:

Sorry about that guys..but I guess since Ca3le posted in this thead he saw nothing wrong with the situation

Dj, i though you hated this site huh? ;) decited to come back?

Lol..hated? :shock:

Nahh...school got to me thats all..hows everything man?

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Right now the genuine advantage program is still in it infancy..  There are ways around it.. downloading from other sites, disabling it (dont know if the javascript tricks still work), and i guess there is a program out there that takes care of it...  About a month ago MS was thought to be building a kill switch in an update..  Which would report back about the status of your copy.. legal or illegal..


All in all if you decide to go illegal.. be prepaired to pay the price if you are caught.. cause it will be more than the $200 for a legal license..

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Much better to pay the ~$120.00 for a licensed copy.

That's true. Now take into consideration all the people that are computer savy who reformat their HDD's, replace their HDD's or buyassemble their PC's, that original license is only valid for soo long...until you spend another $120.00.

It has it's pros & cons and from my point of view people do what they need to do.  :D


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