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is windows xp firewall good?


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can someone tell me how good windows xp firewall? thanks

Wellcome to the forum maxinnejr ,

I think widows  Xp firewall is only incoming , not outgoing , I would not rely on it myself,

"It should be noted that Windows Firewall is not as secure as MS would want you to believe since it does half the job a commercial firewall would do; which is to block both incoming and outgoing traffic. Windows Firewall only blocks or patrols incoming traffic and it can be easily turned off by another application, possibly a worm. "

maxinnejr, there are good free firewalls out there , try gogling for them ,I personally use the old Sygate 5,5 , works well for me, but I am sure other members  will recommend others also , but don't run 2 firewalls together,

other free ones Kerio, outpost , zone alarm , I personally found zone alarm bought my laptop to a standstill , so is not one I would choose, outpost I have tried it was ok , but I find Sygate 5.5 easier 

Regards Roco  UK

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Hey guys , without starting a mine is  better than yours war , can we not advise new members on the best free  basic , antivirus , firewall  and antispyware programs that are available , coz I can remember well, moving from 56k dial up to my pitiful BB , and being told YOU NEED A FIREWALL, WTF is a firewall I thought , so I stumbled around the web , and eventually found Sygate,

for me,

Grisoft antivirus has been great  ( free )

Ewido antispy ( free )

Sygate firewall  (free)

CCleaner for tidying up (free)

in my opinion a great starter pack,

no doubt others will disagree, but that is fine, as long as they can produce a starter pack as well ,  and not just slag of a product , we are talking FREE programs , 

So don't mention Norton, even if it was free , I would not be happy if it lived closer than 2 blocks away from me , . 

Regards Roco  UK

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