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Where Do You Live?

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I live in South-Central or Southwest Missouri . We get weather alerts for south-west Mo. but weather alerts for south-central Mo. :tard:

In the community of Trail Hollow in the town of Dora . Population 1,000 plus :cheesy:

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7 hours ago, redza77 said:

I recently enrolled in TMN. I desperately need some tips from you on how to increase the speed of my internet. thank you very much required.


Start a new topic in General Help.  Include your system, network and subscribed package details.  If it's possible we'll try to help you get more out of it... sometimes the quality of the provider is the root issue and there is little that you can do on your end to improve it.. other times a simple setting can increase speed dramatically.

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8 hours ago, Rustcrew said:

Dallas , Pa. usa

 . a rave from the past

Longcross , Runnymede  UK.

green  area of much rain ,trees and horses.

 also  The Magna Carta in  1215  =

“All Men are born Free of bondage”  etc ,

(apart from taxes  lol ) indeed  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YVAmZBGdXw

still valid into today’s tech age, sadly nothing  changes ,

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I'm a rancher in Southeastern Montana... :wave:


Also, a wild land firefighter... along with my Brother...





Lol, and a retired part time MDT snowplow driver... .:rolleyes:





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