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Where Do You Live?


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Got old thread? :?

yes dear that's why ca3le made this a sticky...cuz he wanted to know where his members are from...so this isn't an old thread...it's a sticky topic...

welcome jamesa  :welcome: to the testmy.net forum...hope you enjoy ur stay...come back often

...now...where's malta??

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My provider is onvol.net a cable company.

I lately got a little more curious about my internet speed as ...

Lately I get the feeling they are controlling the Bandwidth! speed almost came to a standstill about two and a half weeks ago!

After several calls, they admitted they had a problem and asked me if I had a wireless router like what difference does that make?

The speed recently picked up for browsing though download speed remained very very slow! Not sure they are but I'm pretty sure they are using some kind of Bandwidth management tools to restrict downloads :(

I have since been downloading from alternative sites that offer better speed and seem unrestricted.

I used to use to download from torrents.


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Guest 66shovel69

Well i don't work maps so i'll be frank for now I don't know about the rules & reg but I would guess the 7 words from Geo. Carlin can't be posted in here true or not?

1st i'm from sunny south Florida. a 66 shovelhead is NOT a pan/shovel a 47 knuckle was never a knuckle/pan and they did have the same bottom end HD changed from generator(gen) to Alternator(alt) before the deal was done to sell to AMF thou they did sell out to AMF in 1969 the first model year was 1970, Me i think it was a good idea to sell as they were heading out of biz. and all the cc bikers would have been lost without the HD of today also glad that Willie bought them back(1979). So thats that for know I'm sure someone is going to have something to say, there is a great book by Bruce Palmer covering HD but it stops at  64 when electric start 1st came along(1965) So we can talk someday don't stay on this to much we ride 24/7 - 365 down here bye all for now weezeo

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Re: Where do you live?

well  "where ever I lay my hat thats  my home" ..... at the moment ,

yeah Roco maybe on the move ........again ,

having a boat built in Droitwich UK ,and my house is up for sale , I can't fight off the feeling to be back on the road again ,I guess it has always been there , 

I will post some pics soon ,

BTW, wellcome Jamesa  from Malta, the UK will never forget the price Malta paid in WW2

faith, hope and charity , if you say WTF  ask your grandad ,

best regards

Roco ...UK

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so... how exactly does it beat living in a large city? :D

You mean a list?

I can shit where I want.

"  "     park where I want.

I do not have to hear traffic.

I can light a full fledged bonfire in my yard anywhere I please.

I do not have to pay as high of taxes.

I could keep on going and wear my wrist out typing, but that is a good start. And I am never going back.  :angel:

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I'm from the land of the corn and more corn and did i mention corn, the great state of Iowa. I'm from a very small town that really no one knows, but it sure beats living in a large city.

so are ya from wapello?? i have family in wapello...i can still address a letter to the name of the person and wapello ia and they'll get it...i'm sure even that little town isn't that small anymore...my dad grew up there

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