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fonzbear2000;I don't have access to this type information .Porbably only CA3LE has access to members PM's & even he posted one time this was limited.I did PM CA3LE & you can be sure he will check this out.You can PM any mod about this type of PM you get or someone flaming you in a post.We will take care of it if we can or send it to the top if we can't.

Sorry this happened to you tmn tries to have a freindly & family level forum.

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It appears Edward Norton had not even posted as of yet, so he is very new. He joined July 19. Pretty sad if you ask me. Not much of a foot to start on by the way.  :nono:


Again my apologies fonzbear2000!

I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself.  :D

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that member's name is Edward Norton-hopefully something can be done about this-thanks

I got the same message..it was sent to multiple people at the same time..I reported it as well.

I apologize in the name of TM.N

this user Edward Norton

has been banned and is under investigating

i can tell you that it looks like a SPAM BOT

just sending out spam messages to very nickname in the world

thank you for reporting this

i will keep u guys up to date

and once again


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i have just come on line to find a so called new msg on my username. this is from someone calling themselves EDWARD NORTON. it gives three links to porn sites which is directly on this screen as soon as you select any new messages. my grandchild pressed the down arrow  which then showed this filth.

if this is what this site is then i most certainly will not be returning to you.if i could find out who i can report this site to i will. i was very satisfied with the help and information from the site but not anymore and any and all my on line friends who on my say so started using the site have all said that they will not use it again and they will pass it around their friends also.


<a href="http://www.nerdtests.com/ft_loser.php?im">

<img src="http://www.nerdtests.com/images/ft/lsr.php?val=3760" alt="I am 99% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!"> </a>

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We did not know of this issue until it was reported.  As Just- and Shug stated, this user has been permanently dealt with.  This sort of thing happens from time to time.  Not everyone in this world understands how far a little class can take you, and some people are downright offensive.  It is nearly impossible to prevent things of this nature from happening, but when TMN members report these issues promptly to the Mods, it allows us to do our jobs before it gets out of hand, and before any harm may be done to the site, so that we can keep our community clean.  So thank you to those of you who reported this member.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

The staff of Testmy.net sincerely apologizes for any offense you may have taken by the misconduct of other members.  We do not condone behaviour on this site which is abusive, vulgar, pornographic, disparaging, prejudice, of a soliciting nature, or otherwise inappropriate.  If you have any ideas on how we can improve Testmy.net, we are always open to suggestions:  Got any ideas to make testmy.net better?

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Hi, I may be pointing out the obvious but is this message only going to new members ? if so why, just a thought , I am really sorry for them and  hope they are not put off staying with  the best forum on the web, IMHO

  Roco  UK 

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I will say again to anyone that got the PM from EDWARD NORTON Testmy.net apoligizes.Because he did this with PM we had little control till it was reported.Even then we banned him from the site so he can't easily do it again.But if determined he can.We will try to stop it again if this happens.

The problem with the PM's here is that they are personal & private.Like your own e-mail.Mods at my level don't have access to any PM but their own.So their is no way we could reveiw any PM's sent by Edward Norton.I don't think even the vice-admin mods can reveiw anyone elses PM. Only the main man CA3LE might be able to do it .This is so members can actually send ersonal messages I hope it can stay this way.

Although some have gotten some PM's we had to deal with before this is the first of this type that I know of.

We try hard to keep this a family level site in most places.In off topic we allow a little more but no nudity & definately not porn.You can select to filter the language & this will edit most inapproiate words.

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Guest philp

CA3LE (swinging from the chandelier like a monkey in heat) need to change the PM permissions to having 25 posts, that will remove this typ of spam.

That's not a bad idea.

Which one? Water swinging from the chandelier or the 25 posts thing?  :haha:  :haha:

I'd like to see both actually.  :occasion14:

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