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News Authors, we need you!


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testmy.net is currently seeking authors to write internet, technology, hardware, software and all around computer news for the site in our newly renovated news section.

Positions are limited and there will be many rules to accepting the position, if you think your up to the challenge please let us know in this thread.  We will only accept members with a completely clean background with the site (no major past issues) and members that have been with us for a while.  If you're interested please also tell us how many articles you would be willing to post to the site on a monthly basis.

And of course these positions will come with a spiffy title and rank image :-P

Thanks guys!  :) - - - I hope to see allot of people willing to fill these positions.

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Most likley he wants you to write your opinion on new stuff that has come out wheather you have used it or not. What you think of it and what it might be like, or what you like/ dislike about the product/ what ever else it may be.

Actually, this is about news articles, not the type of subjective articles that are so common on the Inquirer for example.

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well id do it, i figure i could submit 20-30 stories a month easy.

im up for it...i cant guarantee 20-30 - but i could possibly do 1 every couple of days...so about 15

Both of you will be great additions, I will grant permissions and PM you the rules :)

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I'll do it, Aggr3 messaged me about it last night. I can do maybe 4-5 a month, as you can see by my lengthy "outage" sometimes work really takes precedence, but I can make the time. :)

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well, i could crank out the odd reference to online news (specifically security and technology type stuff, with some IT policies and market goings on from europe) from a good european source. (the european-specific news of course only if anyone here gives a damn). so let me know.

(or does my record here not qualify as clean? :evil6:)

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