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NIC and your IP


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I was looking for an old thread reguarding this matter and I believe a member was interested in changing their IP addy, I also remember a senior member posting info on changing the NIC addy to change ones' IP.

Anyhoo I wanted to inform anyone that if you have more than one ethernet port this can be done with realitive ease, here's what I have been doing.

1. I have cable and use a MotoSB5120

2. I have 3 ethernet ports (1 dual port Netelligent 10/100TX and 1 integrated 10/100/1000)

-1st. With my PC on all I did was run the command prompt: ipconfig /flushdns, then ipconfig /release power down the modem and then the PC.

-2nd. Unplug the the ethernet connection at the PC end and replug into ethernet port 2 or 3 and power up the PC (not the modem).

-3rd. After PC is powered up power up the modem and wala.

Conclusion: I can have my IP changed every time I do this procedure.

*Footnote* I even logged 9 speed results at DSLReports because I did this.


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Your IP address will change just by connecting the modem to another device (ie. another NIC).  This is because the DHCP server is forced to create a new IP lease, since the IP lease is bound to the MAC of the client device, usually for a 72-hour period.  You will likely have to reset the modem in order to clear the ARP/bridging table so that the new NIC gets an IP at all, but the IP lease to the old NIC will still be alive.  Your method is a very thorough means of forcing a new IP lease from the DHCP server.  Unfortunately, most PCs don't come with multiple NICs, so many people will be unable to take your approach.

A lot of people are under the false impression that since they subscribe to 1 IP from their ISP, that their IP can't be changed from their end.  This is incorrect, but the modem is only able to forward 1 IP at a time (meaning you cannot connect multiple devices to it simultaneously, and get multiple unique IPs) unless you purchase additional IPs.

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Your right FE. I am also glad for the info (NIC 101) lol. Anyhoo any PC did not come with multiple ethernet ports and the one one I have is from an old Prosignia server which I intend to install on my PC of 2007.  :D

All in all this was a thread to be murphed with an old topic (I couldn't find) and inform the starter on possibilities. Thanks again FE


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