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RCN Mach 10 a reality


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RCN Prepares Mach 10 Launch

Upgrades promised on Feb 28th ... may launch sooner

Users in our RCN Forum have received information that the updated config files for RCN's "MegaModem Mach 10" service offering will start pushing out to modems this week, possibly as early as Tuesday. RCN officially confirmed the upgrades in mid-January announcing they would be offering the 10Mbps/800Kbps cable broadband service across all of their markets on February 28. The changes will have current 7Mbps customers upgrading to 10Mbps; 5Mbps customers will be upgraded to 7Mbps.

lucky you guys

i want to see some speed tests from this :)

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Yea dude your Scores Just 9mb pwn us all.


Even though this is old now, it's funny how you seem to completely erase from your mind all of my posts saying this test was inaccurate for me.  I had, and still have, plenty of screenshots of me download at 1MB/s.

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Got in touch with RCN about why my speed goes down to 856Kbps instead of what I am paying for which is 10MB downloads.

They told me if i was running a router, said "yeah", and blamed it on the router.

Did not help at all their answer as I unplugged it and connected the modem directly to the CP and just went up a little bit, was not like this for 2 years in a row, maybe found out about my router, and capped my speed below the average speed.

Anybody else with the same problem?

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