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i am pissed


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bittorrent = slow as poo i have tryed diferent ports but it still =poo i think it is my isp rr trotaling bittorrent trafic but idk

most likely they are, you could try encrypting the bt traffic.

hope your not downloading anything illegal, because TMN does not in any way support bittorrent

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Use utorrent1.6 and port forward the right ports. I think Utorrent default is 34146, I forwarded that on my router as well as my DSL modem. I reach speeds up to 200/300 Kbps on most torrents with 3/768 with 2-3+ seeders as long as all my ports are open/firewalls down and I'm not using the internet. This of course brings makes your computer vulnerable security-wise but I'm sure you know that.

Try: http://www.portforward.com/

I hope you're using torrents to download *legally*.

*edit*: Noting the post above, torrents are useful in downloading large files that are legal, a lot of demos for games coming out now are put in torrent form. People used to put home videos on them but YouTube killed that... I think you can still find some Star Trek vids.

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