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Help with cable modem!

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It's been like a week now since my cable modem has been losing connection around 6 times a day. Its a webstar router. The cable light on the modem goes out then i lose connection. I actually lose connection a few seconds before it goes out though. All other lights are fine except the PC light which goes solid when its suppose to be blinking. I usually fix it by taking the cable wire out and letting it cool because it might be overheated. I'm not sure if this is the problem though because it doesn't always work. When the light goes out, it can be gone for hours if I don't attempt a fix. I had this problem before, like a year ago but it went away and I don't know why. I don't want to wait  :(. Please help, thanks!

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Hey, Kingknight67.

It could be that the modem is overheating.  Make sure that you have it in a location where it has enough ventilation (don't cover the venting slots on the modem).  Keep it up off the carpet, to prevent any static buildup.  Also make sure to keep it a good distance (a few feet anyway) from any other electrical devices.  This will reduce electromagnetic interference.

What model of Webstar is it?  This number usually starts with DP (eg. DPX2203, DPC2100).

You can log into the diagnostic page of the modem.  Usually you just type <b></b> into the address bar of your browser.  From here, you can check out all the signal levels, and usually the connectivity report/log, as well.  If you are not sure how to interpret the signal levels, post them back here and we'll take a look.

Otherwise, it's possible that you simply have bad hardware.  These things go bad, just like everything else.  It's not always the quickest approach to a resolution, but you can call up your ISP to report this.  They usually have some software which will look up the modem stats (ie. flap list).  They should be able to see that the modem has not been maintaining bloc sync.  They may send a tech out to the home.  If you call, be sure to tell them how long it's been going on, and how many times/day you lose connection, and that the cable light goes out.  Don't get off the phone until you are satisfied with a resolution.

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Hey, Kingknight67, here is a diagram of the ideal way to have your modem wired up.

Your levels are on the edge of optimum, but the modem should still work with those levels.

Re-configuring your wiring to the diagram below may help, though.

It would be helpful to know the downstream SNR, but you will have to call cust service to get that since your diagnostic page doesn't show it.

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