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testmy.net Email or is it plz tell me ??


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You have just been sent a personal message by Edward Norton on testmy.net broadband


IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:

If you have some time check out this COOL website:

The Email Sucked i would not want to give you the  links This Email had only that it was  XXX stuff WTH is this all about and if i got to get i mail like that again from this web site remove me from it !! Thank you  :angry5:

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hi krzy007

quite suprised you join the forum to tell us and other people about a spammer

that is nice of you

most people join the forum to ask question about their dsl or cable


hope u like the forum and find some usefull information

and if you have something to share feel free

enjoy ur stay

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Hehe i love Testmy.net Everyone in DSLReports use it just was shocked to get Email like that worst part dint want to make my wife think i am  Gay because i am not and if she see that oooh boy. LOL  Not that there is anything wrong with Gay stuff just not my thing hehe. but how did hr get my Email Address ??  Is is posted for all to see?? and is so how do i change that ?? Thank you ... I use Satellite Service for my PC Wildblue

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Actually krzy007 he just used the PM's which anyone can use. I assume you have not listed your e-mail address. Only testmy.net main server has the address. It is not public. I could PM you a message and never know your address. But that is all I could do. Same for PMing me, I would not know your e-mail address.

Personally I have much less kindliness for gay people myself. It is not my wife that would be upset. But here all people are equal.

I have satelite service also. Direcway-Hughes. How do you like the service so far. I have found this a great forum myself. My kids wonder where I am sometimes.

Basically Norton was probably just sending out some cheap nasty advertising. And Norton was probably not a real person. Some reason he only targeted New people, probably figured they would not know how to deal with it.

Little did the witless, inconsiderate, brainless, idiot realize if I want porn, I would not look on this forum for that. But you have to figure anyone doing that did not have the brains GOD gave a goose.

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