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Buying a new PC for my parents


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they using a old 466Mhz Celeron today with 64MB RAM, and running win 98

i freaked out today when i helped my mom loading pictures from the digital camera to the PC, dern win 98 wouldnt load any other program beside IE to open pictures, nomatter what i did  :haha:

also had to download USB drivers on 56k :(

I told em, now its time to upgrade to XP thats very easy to use with pitures and cameras :)

i found this, http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.asp?sku=323469

Its in Swedish, but see the spec

2 year warranty and include XP SP2 Swe, and Norman Internet Control, 1 year license

this is the case http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.asp?sku=317427

price is 3690 SEK, around 501,73 USD plus shipping ( probl around 20 USD )

what do you think? Should i search for a celeron instead?

VanBuren :)

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thanks guys, i think ill go for it :)

I searched for a celeron, but i dont think my parents need that extra speed

http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.asp?sku=320645 thats 6590 SEK or 896,35 USD

VanBuren :)

yea they dont really dont need that extra speed, and you probally dont need to spend the extra 395USD for just a little  increase in speed.

I would go for the other one van

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i'm gonna spam dell again. if they offer similar service packages in sweden as in the us then that might be a good idea (if their prices are ok. they are derned low in the us)

the 1 to 3 years at home service is poriceless. friend bought one and hat it fried by lightning 1 month later. (lightning to the phone line killed internal modem and the board through the pci slot. the printer went as well, apparently through the usb) they replaced the board next day on warranty. the modem he didn't get. when we discovered that was a dud as well he called again and made the mistake of mentioning the lightning strike.(which the standard one-year waraanty doesn't cover.)

but don't buy extra ram there, it is expensive, upgrade it yourself.

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