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Okay so over the last week my room has been unusually hot... even with my wall fixed a/c running.. My mother thought it was my a/c and we took a window unit and put it in my room.. it has been running for over an hour now and its still just as hot as it was... there is no way that two a/c's stopped working ... a little later my mother and i were trying to figure out why in the heck my room wasnt cooling off.. she is INSISTING its my computer that is heating the room.. ( i have two) so i turn one off and its been off for a while now.. still hot.. shes still insisting its my main computer... I DONT THINK SO!

what do you all think?  :haha:

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i have the same problem during the day.  I usually have two computers running and a tv and whew it gets hot in there. Its upstairs so heat rises.  I always have my celing fan on full blast but it still stays hot.  And with temperatures usually in the 90's and friggin 100% humidity it is unbearable at times.

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Guest PeePs

Yeah, I'm pretty sure its your computer. My room can go so hot because of my computer its ridiculous. My room is pretty small so it heats up easily, plus I run games on my computer a lot so it heats that up quite a bit.

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lol, it's a nice temp. but it has been a rainy summer.

I wish I could complain about it being a rainy summer!!!!!!!!

Here in the Metro-plex, Tx. its been over 100deg. and no

rain and the lakes are all very low.  Whats going on here,

oh I know, its that stuff G. W. B. says ain't happening. :haha: :haha:

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