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Computer Problem


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At the moment i currently have my computer in my room.... but my sister has moved out now and i am moving into her room because it is slightyly bigger but the layout of this room means to have a double bed, wardrobe and pc.... just wont fit......

Although i like having my pc in my room it just wont fit so its going to have to stay where it is..... the problem i have is that i love my music and i like listening to music when im getting ready or going to bed or when im waking up........ now obviously theres HIFI's but that means puttin all my music on to disc dont wanna do that...... I do have an ipod and have thought about the docking stations for ipod's but i dont like the idea of searching throught my ipod for the perfect song......

What i have thought of tho is

1.  Maybe a cheap laptop but even a cheap laptop is still quite pricey...... and they normally dont come with good sound cards....... 

2.  Having my TV in my new room somehow display the same picture as the computer and having a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard..... but then with that how would i select to use the speakers in my room instead of the speakers in the computer room......

What do you guys think........ is there any other ways round this........

Thank You


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Ok i have found a product from netgear........ 


would i just attach the ethernet cable to the pc and to the media player...... then will it be like scrolling through my HDD's on the tv screen....... or will it scan for my media files then show em by album, artist......

I would prefer scrolling through my HDD's content because i have a HDD purely for my music only so i have it nicely organised.....


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you could do either one of your options.. you can get a $300 off ebay.. IBM 1ghz machine..  which is a good deal. 

That should be able to connect to a tv.. as long as there is an svideo out... then you can get a converter from radioshack and change it into a RCA connection.  Put the wireless keyboard and mouse and you can use your tv..  The output isnt going to be like a normal monitor..  It is going to be hard to read print on websites.. but from file browsing and playing music via media player or winamp should be fine.

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A note... from my experience, S-video is recommended for any text readability.  The screen resolution should also be set as low as possible.  Composite video will work for movies, etc, but any text is virtually unreadable even at 640x480.  YMMV

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