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My classes for this year:

Algebra 2  (it's the 'normal' math class, I was one year ahead in 8th grade, so I should be in Trig/Pre-cal, but I did pretty much none of my homework in Algebra 1 in 8th grade still got low-mid 80's on report cards, the teacher said I didn't have the "work ethic" to move on, so I'm in the 'normal class now)

AP English 11  (11th grade)

Chemistry  (my choice  ;))

Computer Engineering 1  (I have to take Comp. Engineering 1 to get to Networking, which is Comp. Engineering 2.  Both Comp. Engineering classes consume 2 class periods a day)


German 3

I have too much free time........

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Get this, my school makes you take typing one and typing two just to get to web design, and web design is basically the only computer class they have = S

One time i saw a flyer for javascript im like YES and then i went to apply and they said no one signed up and it was canceled.

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The classes im taking(senior year):

AP English

AP Calculus

AP Physics

Contemporary Issues


sounds like my sophomore year, i took all those ap calles. physics was a hell of alot of fun

the classes im taking:(sophomore year)

English 2 Honors

Personal Fitness

Spanish 2

Algebra 2 Honors

World History

Web Design

Chemistry 1

Web Design will be fun. :D

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I party hard this last week

I went to vegas

so just give me a few days to sleep in and get off of my 24/7 rutunie i aquired in vegas and i will b ok



but i still want some  hardcore freedom :headbang::brave:


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I know I should not ask.

What is hardcore freedom?  :?:

Fredom more hardcore


The freedom to express yourself without being look down on or judge

the freedom to be weird or as hardcore as u want to be

to go to all the shows u want to c all the bands u want to c

without a stupid curfew

thats hardcore freedom

remember i live in austin whose to mottos are

the live music capital of the world

and keep austin weird

so u got to have hardcore freedom

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OK, learn something new everyday. Keeps the brain ticking.

Glad you had a good time.  :icon_king:

It is not as rosy as it seems really, but being on your own is a new adventure that will teach you much. Sometimes you wish you could go back though. Just remember there is no place like home. ( yeah, so cliche) huh

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school "starts" for me September 6, first year in college. I say "starts" because I have bandcamp Aug. 28- Sept. 1 and our first football game is Sept. 2 0_o. My old highschool's bamdcamp is starting on the 14'th of august and their first game is the 17'th of september...1 day vs 1 month, good thing the music is easier than what I had to play in highschool. I worked for the summer music program that my city's school district has and I showed it to one of my friends that is going to be a senior. She looked at my music then she looked at her music and said, "no fair, I thought things were supposed to be harder in college..." 

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I didn't finish my first post, accidentally submitted, then tried to edit but my "time limit" was up, so heres the rest of my post, lol

...As for my classes they have to be the most major (Music Ed.) related freshman schedule ever. I had a statistics class, but I had to drop it because I got AP credit for statistics, and even though they count it as a different class, you can only get credit for one course in freshman/sophomore statistics. Heres my schedule

Aural Skills I - MUS 115

Piano Class I - MUS 250

Intro to Music Technology - MUS 114

Music Theory I - MUS 121

Concert/Forum Attendance - MUS 090

Band: Wind Symphony - MUS 142

App Music Majors:Trombone - MUS 178

Elementary Japanese I - JAPN 111

As you can see they totally musified my schedule. The only class that I wanted to take (not had to) is Japanese. They didn't even give me my astronomy or midievil studies class :cry: The minimum required credit hours to be considered full time is 12, and all I have there are 12, even though some people who have half as many classes as I do have the same amount (grr... music classes only give 0-2 credits each, while regular classes give 3-4) Then again, those people will have actual work, not just sitting there and practice playing an instrument or listening to things... The best part is except on Mondays and Wednesdays I am done by 12 and I never have to be there until nine, beats 7:30 to 2:15 every day for highschool by a longshot ^_^

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My school only lets seniors take AP classes for some odd reason.

that sucks, my school would allow anyone to take ap classes as long as you took 2 of the regular classes before. Normally you would could take AP classes as a junior but i took high school credit classes in middle school.

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My school only lets seniors take AP classes for some odd reason.

Thats weird, at my old school they were practically begging people to take AP classes their sophmore year as long as they had gotten a B or higher in the Honors class freshman year for that subject. There were some people at my school that had taken so many APs that they were able to get sophomore standing at college their first year

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i have web design and spanish 2 :icon_pale:

Same here. Spanish 1 sucked, so I'm sure Spanish 2 will suck even more.

BTW, my schedule is as follows:

English 2

Chemistry 1

Computer App. 2 (basically Web Design)

Web Design

Spanish 2

Current Events (semester)

Intro to 2d Art

Study hall

I think I have a couple more, but I just can't remember.

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