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Dang ....a download of 4gigs is still considered astronomical even on the high-end of broadband.  I don't think we'll be seeing speeds like that anytime in the near future from DirecWay until somebody figures out a way to overcome latency.  That's the only thing that is messing up SAT Broadband or rather, preventing it from becoming far faster than we would like it to be!  :)  And ...I can't imagine FAP being loosened up that much either.  It would multiply their costs by over 100x's!  But, if ya got the bucks, there are satellite companies out there that can get you some killer speeds ...for about $40,000USD and up.  Rich Man's toys!  Even Ground Control offers speeds that exceed anything DirecWay has ....yet they are using the DirecWay "platform" for ALL of their Consumer Offers.  (They also have superior equipment I've been told ...like all T1's, etc).


"The Rev"

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