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Can someone work with and help me to lower my ping


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I'm one of those guys with extremely high ping that u see in every computer game. This ranges from games such as America's army to Call of duty 2.

Everything i have done is using the shortest ethernet and telephone cords possible, and trying different ones and closing all unnecessary back ground process which was really only AOL. I don't use cablenut but i could give it a try if u think it would help.

I am on a 3MB/768kbps connection with verizon dsl. One thing that i can think of is that i use my cheap westell 327w gateway that verizon has sent me when i originally got dsl. I keep my computer running smoothly and i am sure i have no viruses or antispyware, or need to defragment. I use avg and windows sp2 firewall.

If nothing anyone can tell me helps then i give up and it may be because i live in the country even tho since i was able to get the special 3MB upgrade from verizon, that means i live close to their local verizon headquarters. I think i may have posted my problem before or used others as referance but it gets annoying when i think i am missing a shot ina game cus of latency. But anyway this is my last attempt then i wont bother anyone anymore about it, promise, lol.

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MttFrong13 im 99% sure i know what the problem is, go in your modems control panel, i think its under the second drop down tab, look for connection settings,(i think thats what it is called) there will be a thing called data path somewere in there, it will eather say interleaved or fast. if your on interleaved it will make your pings really high, and online gaming will be crap, you have to call them and have them change you to fast path. you pings will go from 150ms to 50ms

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