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The lighter side of parachuting.


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On one of my jumps the damn cords 'ripped' early and got hung on the tail.  They had to take me in low over water then I had to release my pack.  OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH ....Water is like concrete when you are doing over 70km/h !!!!!  I felt like a skipping rock for about a full minute before one leg "dug' in.  Couldn't walk for nearly a month but I could stand on the floor and put one leg flatfooted on the overhead!  :)


"The Rev" 

*That poor jumper slamming the vehicle is the perfect ending.  NEVER GIVE PARACHUTES TO FOLKS LIKE THAT!  lol.....  That movie is military property and not for public dissemination ...wonder how he/she managed to get their hands onto it?

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looks to me like that clip is a collection of mishaps... i read in a book on the airborne that they will drop anything, it's just a question of putting enough canopies on it and the only thing more spectacular than a heavy drop is a heavy drop going wrong.

would have loved to see a shot of the faces of the guys on the ground when that truck seperated from the skid and went rolling off, lol.

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hm, you're right, the bird doing the lape with the runaway is dexcending while the brake chute depluys and still pretty high when it exits. hm. good editing though, with the finality of the pickup hit. but hey, some of the stuff they dropped seemed to stay intact long enough for the screwed up chute release to destroy by dragging it along the ground. and on another subject, and i may be exxagerating due to personal animosity, that whole clip is the evel of expertise you can expect here if you let em service your boat. i'm not saying it's all bad, but expect the worst and hope for the best.

i will admit that i see the glass half empty for puerto rico, but it seems to me there's people here that see the empty glass as being full of air.

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yeah, just truck it. :)

here i go willing to give people some credit, but nooo. i thought the chute pulling over the skid was the same skid from 2 angles, but upon further review one goes vertical and falls sideways while the other just flops on its back. and the lapes... i dunno... there was quite a large dust cloud on both of the fubared drops, the discombobulating pallet and the runaway, i wonder if the dz was just too rough and softsoiled causing the platform to catch on something messing up the drop? and the ones that overturn on touchdown, hm, bad luck or bad rigging? but what could have been different to prevent those turnovers? a flatter dz? can't use a wider skid, thats for sure. and the rate of descent looked about right, didn't it?

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Simple!  Height of release and Runway.  They didn't "glaze" the runway so everything 'dug in' on impact!  But the LAPER said NOT ME and kept on trucking!  lol....  Actually, the pilot is supposed touch 'bounce the fanny' of his bird to release the cargo so that it literally slides down the ramp, lands with the forward section UP, then it surfs to a stop with the help of the "brakers."  Softsoiled is an understatement.  They picked a bad everything for that drill in futility!  Check out the wings on the bird.....you can tell it took place over several hours because they get higher and higher up with fuel consumption, .....and nbody is spotting the loads to tell them when to release.  There is just a freaking mess all over that ...could be college kids playing war eh?


The Reverend

*I think the overturn was just another bad case of soft soiling and digging in the corner of the skid ...too high a drop --too small a chute!!

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isn't monday morning quarterbacking wonderful. lol.

saw that about 2 bucks a liter. damn. we pay 42 cents for regular, 45 premium here right now. maybe you should bring a little barge with a few months worth of fuel up that river of yours?

the only things i feel sorry for is the guy that gets treed and the kid that kisses the truck. bad training in action.

have you ever heard of the shooting competitions in europe? for tanks? the european conscript armies would regularly beat the american 'professioanls'. anyone joining the armed forces in the last what, 15 years pretty much must have /known/ that there was going to be a better than even chance he/she would be deployed somewhere where they'd be shot at. even guardsmen and reservists. yet when they get deployed, they seem ill prepared, and everyone whines about these VOLUNTEERS actually being sent to do what they signed up and get paid for. :whaa:

to be honest, would i have relished a combat or peacekeeping deployment? hell no. i knew that the worst thing that could happen to me was a papercut or a sunburn if i got sent to some southern base.

those kids being sent off to a foreign land to fight the good fight, yeah, it sucks. but everytime i hear the press here crying out that another puerto rican got killed in iraq or whereever i think to myself well shit, don't those morons in the press realize that that is what he she should have expected after siging the paper and collecting the pay?



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Yep....sure should!

Yep!  Saw it once! or twice?

Hmm.....be glad you never saw action.  NO fun.

I hear ya, but the PR thing is all due to Politics.  I was there when the CO of the base order the water pipe carrying fresh water to the base to be torched open then sealed, then several fresh water making ships were brought in under wells were drilled WAY deep......we were put on the fences watching the PRs on the other side of the fence.  We walk, they walked.  We stop, they stop.  We smoke, they smoke.  SOOO stupid!  OVER WATER!!


The Rev

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oh, yeah water. WATER. what the fuck is so damned hard about keeping a decent water supply? i count myself as being lucky having only to deal with extremely hard and heavily chlorinated water, at least we get some here. but there is places where it's more off than on. and power. jeez. power outages here, in a suburb of san juan no less, at least twice a month.

a friends company had to buy a generator for their office/warehouse because the power situation is so bad there. in a commercial district. go figure.

during the tropical storm that managed to brush us last year, plenty of rain, some wind, we had no power for 3 days and no water for 2 days. starting /before/the storm hit.

why? because the thank god former governor decided it would be a good idea to kill all power at noon on the day it hit because that way no one would get hurt by falling power lines. oh, the pumps distributing water are electric? oops.

but why so long an outage? because she wouldn't listen when they told her that the power grid can be shut down instantly, but restarting it is not so easy.

what happened exactly? well, the grid being off, the computers controlling it were unable to detect faults as they happened, meaning that in spite of there being minimal damage, every single segment of the grid had tyo be manually and visually checked by field crews before it could be powered up.

oh yeah, the unios for the field crews. not uncommon for power outage due to some labor complaint, meaning the crews sabotage the power as a modicum of political pressure. they also had a spate with the waterworks, causing a couple months of striking, actual contamination of drinking water with oil and shit like that. the only good thing is the FBI is now looking into the water sabotage under the new terrorism rules, so if they get a handle on the guy that did it the jokes on him.

/end rant/


then again, after all the rain recently, there is now several craters in the roads here. not surprisong, considering they call packed clay with some gravel and a few inches of asphalt on top a paved road. leading up to the urbanizations gate several from 2 to 4 feet wide, steep edges, about 5 to 9 inches deep. filled with water of course so unsuspecting drivers nail them and rip a wheel off their car.

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