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Few nice pictures of my recent trip up north....


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disturbed ;I've stopped at the rest stop outside of Flagstaff several times.Would the pics have been taken there?

I've been to the Grand Canyon 6 times I think .Once on the north rim which I would recommend.I've also seen Saguaros National monument I think that's it not National park.

I've also been to the Organ Pipe cactus park.& Seen London Bridge at Lake Havasu.

A few other site there too.

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oh yeah....I 17 turns into I40 which runs east/west - it does run by flagstaff also

How bizarre! Odd numbered interstates in the US are supposed to run north and south while even numbered ones run east and west. Strange the I-17 would turn into I-40.  :shrug:

Almost as strange as Interstate 610 here in Houston. It's a freakin' loop around the city! Or Interstate 45 which runs between Galveston and Dallas.  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:

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yeah....this car is in such great condition its unbelievable....it has been slightly modified, i think now it has ~290whp - it handles like a dream.....the paint job is new as well.....i dont know why, but my friend decided to put it up for sale....he wants a bwm m3 ... wierd

that is wierd, i would much rather have the 944 turbo. 290hp is alot for that car mine had like 200hp max and it flew. God i miss that car

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