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Hardware Update


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In my efforts to provide us with great control of our hardware, I am now able to provide shell access via telnet to the model 7000 unit. From this, you can browse the real time stats, even peruse the virtual file system.

I think i will focus on a simple PC App that allows for easy shell access to the modem. Perhapse with some usefull scripts, such as reading values, and making the LED's respond differently.

I am open to suggestions for applications, the sky is the limit with these units. We could even port some existing apps to RUN on these units.

Even though this seems funny, I am fairly certain we can dump raw data from A/V satellites and have it stream to a local ftp server, since we have full control of the radio, mind you when doin gthis the internet would be offline of course. :)


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I dont see why not. That would involved changing some routes. Anyone up for doing a simple tracert between two DirecWay boxes? I am guessing, it goes ALL THE WAY back to the NOC and turns around. We could modify it most likely, so that if the two units are on the same satellite, it can use it as a reflector :) Effectively cuting the lag down considerably.


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