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Virus Help:(


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Well today teh computer was fine... Until I installed alcohol120 and then it went all pearshaped.....

This message came on the screen and said to complete the setup of alcohol120 it needs to reboot.... so fine ......

It then restarted and it gets to the logon screen (xp) and then gives a black green and reboots... it however flickers a blue scrren like (BSOD) but its too fast to see what it says.....

so i reinstalled xp format and install... and i kept getting this popup messages.... windows needs to registry bla bla.... and i kept hitting X... and now it started doing the same...... I can only use it in safemode... I installed adaware and it gave me a few things which i deleted.... and this app in task manager tftp.exe was hogging like 100%... i terminated it and however the messages still came......

and now i cant get into my computer properly apart from in safe mode..... like i said i tried installing through a format... anyways i can resolve this....

thanx guys

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I take it you downloaded a illegal copy of alcohol 120% and used a crack that you didnt run a virus scan on.

You just need to register windows xp. And the popup will go away. and you will be able to use windows in the regualy mode.

lol no the downlaod of alcohol was from itsown website and it was a demo.. trial thing... iv registered xp and installed avast see what it gave

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