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is there ANY way to uninstall this ( :twisted: insert curses here :twisted:) media player 10 off my comp and go back to media 9?

I have noticed that media 10 is NOT picking up alot of the songs/audio files that are on my computer and thats the only way my girlfriend knows how to burn her CD's, so I really dont care if I have to set my player to be compatable with only Win98/ME. (after all thats why i like WinXP in the first place)

Although I DO find it strange that they no longer offer media 9 downloads for WinXP.  Hmmm... conspiracy theory brewing...lol

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ya i know my comp is clean, lol lord knows I use enough scanners.  and sorry for the avatar, that pic was beside to the one i wanted and i did change it to the proper one (thx for saying, i wouldnt have noticed right away)

but theres a more then a couple files, like ac3's and the like, that just DONT show on any of the song lists.

the only reason i got media 10 was in the hopes of having something better for my GF.

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well now I'm laughing at myself.  leave it to me to neglect the easiest solutions!!

thx for the help man.  yet another reason why i tell people to come here for any questions they may have.


oh and TO ANY MOD'S that might check this thread...you can consider this closed unless you think others might benefit from it.  :o

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